Spruce Up Your Personal Style by Shopping Thrift

Fashion experts say there is a shift in climate as to how we shop and where we are buying the latest

in fashion trends. Shopping "thrift" has been a trend many have followed for years. Most recent people have opted to save money by shopping for inexpensive looks primarily in vintage shops or thrift stores buying great finds like 80’s disco and French chic fashion which have made a huge splash in most recent years during spring/summer season with its romantic silhouettes and sophisticated glamour padded shoulder pads and bold hues.

Although it's the designers’ job to sell us on the idea of buying into what's current realistically our mission is to buy without living beyond our means. But how can we? Most of us are unable to purchase those $400 pair of Giuseppe shoes that we adore so much. Where do we go in order to stay current with the trends without breaking the bank? Believe it or not by visiting your local thrift store or even in your closet! The next time fashion takes us back down the runway where throwbacks from the 1980’s are in style thank one of many designers such as Marc Jacobs for reclaiming the disco era, bringing back vibrant colors, graphic Tees, large polka dots and big hair bows from his past inspiration the 2010 Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer Collection or peruse through your mother's closet and pull out those exaggerated shoulder dresses, blazers and blouses that have been tucked away for nearly 2 decades.

Retro trends always return and never disappoint when showcased on the runway. Seeing 80's retrospective return to classic chic in a cinched waist belted outerwear as casual wear worn with skirts and dress pants is certainly a favorite or edgy looks such as animal prints that may have

large prints are sure to make a statement to any growing wardrobe. No matter what style savors your flavor trends can be achieve through garments that have been stored in our very own closet as hidden"buried treasure or by visiting your local consignment, vintage shops or thrift stores today with price points starting as low as $1. 00 you cannot go wrong.

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