Key Components to know as You Pursue a Career in Fashion

Fashion is a form of expressing individuality and creativity which is vital in our culture, society and religion. Dressing well can be classified as “a fashion statement” and/or by being “responsible and professional.” I’ve learned a lot of things working as a professional in the industry. Today, I am going to share a few main points with you on how to achieve a great career in fashion.

Is there something in life that you enjoy doing more than anything else? A hobby that relaxes you or makes you feel good inside? Fashion styling was my escape when I would feel stress, it made me happy and I enjoyed doing it above everything else.

*Learn your craft

Gain experience and finally share it to others. Celebrities are great at being walking billboards for emerging designer trends on the red carpet of awards shows, movie premieres or daily activity. So pay close attention learning such skills as fashion styling or fashion design. This particular skillset requires education and or self-taught training by way of shadowing a seasoned professional on set or through formal training in a traditional classroom setting.

Studying such fashion trend reports via fashion websites, blogs, and newspaper and magazine articles help to understand what trend is hot and what’s on its way out. Without the element of education in weekly work routine will stagnate one's growth pattern, so stay open to learn no matter what level of experience.

The knowledge obtain to acquire experience is vital and very necessary to possess strong communication skills and interpersonal skills to help one become successful on the job. In addition to, sharing information as a way to connect with others and candidly express how things operate and what is the proper protocol in certain scenarios as well as empowerment in a shared environment.

*Paying Dues

The ongoing debate of how much time should one put in before dues are paid has been an old question and is really based on the amount of experience learned. Learning from top notch individuals in their respective fields is extremely essential as one pursue a fashion career. Ask how long before they requested a promotion or additional responsibility. Determine if your expectations match the career path of what the company desires and never be afraid to ask questions or to request what you want in exchange for your services.

Often times we sell ourselves too short because we fear the answer being “no” from a potential client or company executive. However, as the old saying goes…. “Closed mouths don’t get feed.”

*Social Media Marketing

When it comes to social media it helps to have a social media marketing plan to gain followers and potential customer engagement. Recent statistics according to Hubspot illustrates that 92% of marketers utilized social media marketing as a platform to advertise their business with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites while gaining insight to a targeted demographic and brand strategy. Social Media Marketing also helps connect you with individuals around the world.

*Network and attend fashion related events

If you want to be a part of the industry you must be willing to volunteer, or accept any job/position in the fashion business that will help get your foot in the door. Don’t limit yourself if you have a desire and a passion to work in the fashion industry.

Persevere through every obstacle and maintain your focus. Once you get the job and learn your craft, find a mentor and connect with models, photographers, hairstylists, makeup artists and wardrobe stylists to learn of other opportunities, fashion shows and fashion related events. Hence, building your social network.

*Fake it until you make it/Dress the Part

The Urban Dictionary defines my final point and catch phrase “Fake it until you make it” as “To act like you are something so you can, in fact, become that thing! If someone asked you to describe what a person in fashion would looked like, what would you say???

stylish, creative, fierce and trendy is just a few of the words most people would describe a fashion forward mover and shaker. If you cannot afford to buy a decent amount of designer pieces to look the part consider bargain "thrift" shopping as another alternative to achieve affordable trendy looks to establish a solid fashionable wardrobe.

As a fashionista on a budget, style is what you make of it. Imitating certain designer styles from various publication such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and Marie Claire can be replicated by shopping at various major low end retailers such as, Forever 21 and H&M.

In addition to, thrift stores for gently used designer labels like, Goodwill and the Salvation Army. So long as you don’t mind putting in the work to search for great finds. Always remember, “Image is everything,” which equates to confidence, because when you look good you feel good!

In conclusion, learn your craft by educating yourself on your career goal. Gain the experience by shadowing a “top notch heavy hitter” or “mentor.

Follow the fashion forecast trend as it is ever transforming and ever-evolving. Humble yourself by accepting any position that will help you get in the door, it’s only a launching pad for what’s to come. Use social media as a branding platform to connect you with your targeted demographic.

Network at fashion social meetups to help build your social network and to get you into fashion related events and opportunities. Lastly, dress the part to become a fashion-forward mover and shaker!

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